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Kids shuttle Services, the first of its kind, is a fast growing company that transport children in Namibia, with over 500 subscribers from parents in Windhoek alone, itâ€s the company you can trust. We strive to simplify the lives of parents.

Our service is reliable, and an economical way to help parents/guardians manage the transportation needs of their children.It is a safer means of transport for children whose parents are becoming busier to take their children to and from school.

We offer...

Transport to and from Schools
Transport to and from the Day Care Centers
After School Activities Transport
Transport for groups to and from special events
School tours.
Airport Shuttle Services

Why Preferable us?

Our clients†needs are given top priority and we make sure that our services gives value for money.
Our friendly team is well trained and disciplined.
We make sure the children arrive on time, safely and in comfort.
We have a reputation for service excellence with all our clients.

Clean, Friendly and Safe,

Clean and tidy cars.
Friendly and polite drivers.
Careful driving.
Most practical routes taken.

We take pride in delivering
the best service